What To Wear Cycling (Beginner’s Guide To Cycling Attire)

woman on road bike

While many cyclists choose to adopt a cycling kit for their riding – with good reason, bike shorts and bike jerseys are ideal for mobility and temperature regulation – you don’t need designated biking attire to start cycling for fitness. When it comes to bikewear, you simply have to keep those two things – mobility … Read more

The Essential Road Bike Must-Have Accessories

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When you start out on a solo bike ride, it’s just you and the road or path ahead for as long as your route takes you. Ideally. While solitude can be great for your cycling progress (and your mental health), it’s always riskier to ride solo than to ride with others. Riding solo doesn’t have … Read more

Inspirational Cycling Quotes

good mood cycling quote

Riding a bicycle is, perhaps, the most relaxed form of exercise there is. It’s lower impact than walking or running and, therefore, easier on your body. It can carry you long distances and serve as transportation through a hectic, gridlocked world. Despite the effort it takes to make a bicycle move, many people consider bike … Read more

How To Learn To Ride A Bike As An Adult

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Learning to ride a bike as an adult is exactly the same as learning to ride a bike as a kid. There is no quick and easy way to do it. You just have to build up your courage and climb aboard. But while the skills required are the same for kids and adults alike, … Read more

Bike Puns To Give Cyclists The LOLs

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Want to be punny while you pedal? We’ve cranked out a few bike puns we hope will leave you rolling. We’re not trying to bonk you over the head with them, and we don’t want to derailleur day, but if you can breakaway for a minute, sit in, take a brake, and unchain. Sorry if our … Read more

Do Bike Trainers Wear Out Tires?

guy using a bike trainer

If you are planning for a race or live in a region with poor weather, a bike trainer can be a lifesaver. Trainers provide easy indoor biking by turning your regular road bike into an indoor training bike. A bicycle trainer is basically just a frame with a clamp to hold your bike in place … Read more