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Are Huffy Bikes Any Good?

If you are shopping for bikes, you may have stumbled across the brand Huffy, which is a company that sells all different kinds of bicycles.

While coming across these bikes, you may have wondered, “are Huffy bikes good?”

This article will discuss the benefits of a Huffy bike and if they are worth the purchase.

Before buying any cycle, there are a few things that you should consider.

Ensure you make the most educated purchase choice with the following guide!

Huffy History

huffy bikes

The Huffy brand has a long and rich history, proving that it is an expert in quality bike production.

Interestingly, the brand got its start in the sewing industry.

In 1882 a man named George P. Huffman, the owner of the Davis Sewing Machine Company, oversaw the production of his business’ first bicycle.

Seven years later, the Davis Sewing Machine created The Dayton Special Roadster. 

In 1925, Horace Huffman sold the Davis Sewing Machine Company and then formed the Huffman Manufacturing Company, which specialized in producing steel rims for bicycles.

In 1941, Huffman Manufacturing took on Horace Huffman, Jr. as the new Vice President and manager of the company. 

During World War 2, Huffman Manufacturing contributed to the U.S. Government, as well as keeping the general population happy with bicycles made for civilians.

Huffy became a household name in 1949 after promotions for the company continued on through the recession.

Are Huffy Bikes Good

Huffy bikes have been around for over 120 years.

Huffy sells men’s, women’s, and kid’s bikes in many different types, including BMX bikes.

But is their quality good? 

The answer relies mainly on what you, as a bike rider, are looking to get out of their bikes.

Their bike selection holds bikes ranging from mountain bikes to cruisers.

To give a thorough answer, we will provide a rundown on the quality of 3 different types. 

Huffy Mountain Bikes

While Huffy sells mountain bikes, they specialize in selling affordable bikes.

If you are an avid biker, you may be wary of Huffy mountain bikes’ low cost.

As Huffy bikes can be found in department stores such as Walmart and Target, their cheapness may be a little off-putting.

However, Huffy currently has a wide selection of mountain and gravel bikes.

The bikes in the higher price range contain many features that assist in biking in rocky or uneven terrain.

If you enjoy biking in a relatively tame environment, then a Huffy mountain bike may be perfect for you.

The affordable price and easy-to-understand mechanics are also great for helping beginner bikers.

Those who are not used to riding a mountain bike of any kid could benefit from the simplicity of a Huffy bicycle.

Those who are professional bikers who do not need help and are looking to invest in a mountain bike that can handle rough terrain may want to skip over the Huffy. 

Huffy Cruiser Bikes

Huffy is an excellent option for those who are not looking to do any challenging activities with their bikes.

Huffy carries many adorable, trendy, and cheap cruiser bikes.

Cruiser bikes are perfect for the average bike rider and those who enjoy a more vintage or aesthetic appeal.

While cruiser bikes are typically associated with women, there are many options available for men, women, and children alike. 

Huffy has many cruiser bikes that are less than $150 and some that are even less than $100.

Due to the affordable prices, you can get more than one cruiser bike for you and your family. 

Children and young teens can also benefit from having a bike that is easy to ride and understand and doesn’t have any gears or added-on features that could complicate riding. 

Huffy Comfort Bikes

Many people do not need mountain bikes but do not enjoy riding cruiser bikes.

Somewhere in the middle are comfort bikes.

Comfort bikes are one of the most common types of bikes.

Comfort bikes are typically good for biking around a town or city and occasionally in places with simple dirt paths.

Those who choose to bike for transportation instead of driving will usually choose a comfort bike.

Huffy makes comfort bikes for both men and women at an affordable price and in trendy colors and models.

Depending on how the city or area you are biking in, Huffy would be a solid choice for a comfort bike.


Apart from cute bikes and low prices, Huffy also offers a wide range in their variety of bikes.

Huffy sells bikes for men, women, and children.

They also sell BMX bikes, mountain/gravel bikes, cruisers, comfort bikes, tricycles, and electric bikes.

For children, there are even more options.

Huffy sells bikes for kids as young as three years old and sells different bikes for each age range and size.

Apart from those bikes, Huffy also sells bikes with fun and youthful designs meant to capture a child’s imagination.

With Huffy, you can also get a children’s bike that is good to be built by yourself for children who enjoy making their fun.

The bike sets are fun and easy to put together, and challenging enough to keep your kids engaged. 

Positives and Negative Qualities

Even though there are a lot of positive qualities that come with owning and riding a Huffy bicycle, make sure you are aware of any potential downfalls..


Huffy bikes are affordable.

The brand has a lot of variety and options to choose from all at a reasonable price. 

Despite the fact that the brand has been around for a long time, the designs and features of each bike are modern and on trend.

Kids’ bicycles are always keeping up-to-date on which Disney or Superhero movie is trending at the moment. 

Huffy bikes are easy to ride and maintain, and are comfortable to ride.

There are many Huffy bikes that are built for cruising or comfort riding while in a neighborhood or town.

The bikes are fairly sturdy and durable, especially given their price point.


With any bike brand, there are bound to be some negative qualities to assess before purchasing a bike.

If you are a hardcore bike rider, the quality of the Huffy bikes might not be up to your standards.

While the bikes are built well and are pretty durable, riding the Huffy bikes in a rough terrain may not fare well for the bike over time.

There are also some negative opinions towards the Huffy brand among the bike riding community.

Some people often seen Huffy as past its prime, and many bike riders believe that while the company used to produce great bikes, the passage of time has taken a toll on the brand.

The slight downfall of the brand could be chalked up to the change in trends, or it could be related to internal choices within the brand.

Either way, Huffy bikes were once viewed as the best bicycles for civilians.

Lately, however, Huffy is often overshadowed by competitors. 

Overall Conclusion

Huffy bikes are good for various bike riders and have their pros and cons depending on what you are looking for in a bike.

If you would like a robust and high-quality mountain bike, you may want to avoid Huffy and go for a brand that you find to be the most reliable.

However, if you enjoy cruiser or comfort bikes, Huffy has many affordable and trendy options for you and your family.

Huffy is also good for a child’s birthday present in a pinch, as you can even get their favorite Disney or superhero character printed onto the bike.

Huffy is relatively stable in quality and great for affordability and creativity.

Huffy bikes are not best for hardcore riding but are suitable for transportation or leisurely biking. The variety is another added plus to the overall Huffy brand. 

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