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Mountain Biking Tricks For Beginners & Experienced MTBers

The closest you will ever get to feel like a superhero on a bike is by doing tricks.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced mountain bike rider, it is always cool to learn some new tricks.

It can be annoying to ride among a group of mountain bike riders who always seem to disappear off into the distance because they use tricks. 

Instead of complaining, learn some new tricks and keep up with other riders.

This article will take you through some mountain bike tricks that will leave you feeling like superman or supergirl. 

How To Start Mountain Biking Tricks

Tricks are pretty amazing to do and view.

However, it is essential to start with simple tricks if you have not mastered the art of bike riding.

Some tricks were invented to help riders get out of dangerous situations and tight corners.

Luckily, you do not need to be the best bike rider to learn these tricks.

You also do not need to go far to master these skills. Your backyard will do. 

Mountain biking is about satisfying your adventurous side.

Imagine riding through mountain trails for days alone or with a group of other riders.

It is fun and exhilarating. However, you can’t do this without getting ready for obstacles that you might come across.

Some challenges might even be life-threatening, especially when you come across a narrow trail with a cliff beside it. 

During dangerous situations, you will need to think fast.

However, at times, thinking fast will not heal you.

Something that would be of help is the experience gained through training and tricks learned.

The tricks in this article will help you get out of tricky situations and, of course, make you look fabulous.

mountain biker on trail

10 Mountain Bike Tricks

Here’s a quick look at some of the most common (and popular) tricks that you can do on your mountain bike.

1. Bunny Hop

One of the most popular tricks among mountain bikers is bunny hop.

It is a great trick to start with and works just as the name suggests.

People do this trick by hopping off the ground with your bike.

It is beneficial when you come across logs and other items found on the ground.

The bunny hop is easy to learn, and one can perform it on any terrain. 

How To Do It

  • This trick involves leaning back away from the front area and compressing your body. 
  • Focus the energy on the knees.
  • Jump and lift handles at the same time.
  • Level out the bike while on the air
  • Land on the rear wheel before the front wheel to keep on riding. 

2. Unweighting

Unweighing is a very vital skill to learn in mountain biking.

It can help you move over different terrains.

While going on an adventure, you do not know what comes next.

Hence the need to learn unweighting.

With this trick, you will stay in control while in slick and wet environments.

The best place to practice this trick is sidewalks and wet wooden features. 

How To Do It

  • When you come near a slippery surface, lift your body off the seat.
  • Push your body back as far as you can while you lean towards the rear end of the bike.
  • The goal is to stay in the center of gravity which helps with staying in control.

3. Nollie

The Nollie is like the opposite of the bunny jump.

If you want to get through a drop scathelessly, you will need to learn this trick.

It comes in handy while you are dropping from places like the sidewalk to the street or in situations of intense drops.

Keep in mind that this trick is best performed at high speed. 

How To Do It

  • Push your body to the front of the mountain bike.
  • Bend your knees at a sharp 45-degree angle.
  • Push the back of the bike and slightly lift it off the ground.
  • When you reach the drop area, lift the wheel to drop safely.

4. Jump

Jumping involves being in the air, but it is different from a bunny hop.

A bunny hop is executed on flat ground, while a jump involves using a slightly different technique.

Learning how to jump a bike will help you increase your trial skills. 

How To Do It

  • Roll at a speed that you are comfortable in that is not too fast and not too slow.
  • Lower your chest and ensure that your weight is central.
  • Push the front of the wheel into the lip.
  • While halfway up the lip, move your weight to the legs and push down with your feet.
  • Keep the weight central while in the air and use both legs and arms to absorb the landing. Ensure that you land on both wheels at the same time.

5. Fakie

When you meet up with a massive obstacle on the way, you can use a fakie to save your life.

This trick also helps you to ride backward easily and even pick momentum anytime.

With practice, you will understand when to use this trick when faced with a challenge. 

How To Do It

  • The first thing to note is that it is not complicated. 
  • Use moderate speed while doing this trick.
  • Let the front wheel slightly hit the wall as you lean forward.
  • It builds momentum on the bike, which prepares you to push off.
  • While riding backward, keep pedaling back while staying balanced.

6. Wheelie Drop

A wheelie drop will help any biker when they are riding on a continual drop.

It allows the mountain biker to ride the bike while going through obstacles steadily.

It works when a biker combines a shift of their balance with a move of the rear wheel.

This trick is enjoyable to learn, especially on concrete steps. 

How To Do It

  • While practicing, use a mid-speed level as you approach the steps. 
  • Ensure that you keep the center of gravity over the rear wheel.
  • When you find the balance, use your weight to lift the front wheel off the ground. Let the bike remain in the same position until you reach the end of the obstacle. Repeat the trick on a lineup of a variety of obstacles until you learn.

7. Stoppie

Bringing your bike to a sudden halt in case of an emergency is very crucial to learn.

With a stoppie, you will know to do this without losing control.

If you plan to go for an adventure in the mountains, it is crucial to prioritize this trick.

It can be life-threatening to suddenly go at high speed, so it is essential to learn to stoppie.

How To Do It

  • While on high speed, pull the front brake.
  • While pulling the front brake, push your weight to the form and let the arms stay straight and stretched out.
  • Ensure that you maintain the center of gravity to avoid lifting the rear wheel off the ground. 

9. Front Wheel Touch-Up

If you want to get over small lifts quickly, a front-wheel touch-up is the trick to learn.

Suppose you want to go mountain biking on new terrain.

This trick will come in handy so that you do smooth and safe navigation.

This trick can be safely practiced on curbs and sidewalks.

How To Do It

  • First, stop pedaling before getting to the slight lift.
  • When you get near it, push your body backward and lift the first wheel for your bike to get over the tiny lift. 
  • Immediately move your body forward and use your feet to shift the rear wheels, then start pedaling.

10. Endo Turn

If you want a trick that will help you navigate tight turns while riding a mountain bike, an endo turn is the best option.

While practicing this trick, you do not need too much space.

This trick works best when you practice quick braking and maintain balance on the back wheel.

After mastering a stoppie, an endo turn will seem easy to do.

How To Do It

  • Doing a stoppie involves pulling the front brake and shifting your balance to the front.
  • To change this move into an endo turn, use your hips to turn to the direction you want at the point where the rear wheel lifts. 

Safety Tips While Practicing Mountain Bike Tricks

When looking at mountain bike riders doing tricks, they seem easy and flawless.

However, this comes after a lot of practice. Just because they seem easy does not mean they are not dangerous.

It is essential to observe a few safety tips to ensure you are safe.

  • Wear a helmet– It is essential to keep the head and body to avoid life-threatening brain injuries. Ensure that you always wear a well-fitted mtb helmet before going for a ride. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, always ensure you have a helmet to avoid fatal injuries or, even worse, death.
  • Be aware of the trail conditions– Most mountain bikers want to move at high speed. It is exciting. You need to know the trail conditions before going for your adventure to avoid crashing.
  • Use Safety Goggles– It can get dusty on the trail, and it is crucial to keep clear vision at all times. Safety goggles can help you stay safe while learning tricks on the track. Ensure you buy safety glasses with clear lenses. 

Anything worth something takes time.

When you see many mountain bike riders doing tricks swiftly with ease, know that they have been practicing for a long time.

Practice makes perfect.

Do not give up on the first try, and after some time, you will feel like a mountain bike superhero. 

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