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How Safe Are Bike Trailers for Children?

Bike trailers are great. They can enhance your outdoor activities as a family.

They are a lot safer than bike seats.

They reduce the chances of your children getting significant injuries from accidents because they are close to the ground.

The place you pick for cycling, your weight, and your general experience may affect the safety of your kids.

Bike trailers offer protection against extreme weather elements such as exposure to the sun and rain.

The following are some of the things that make bike trailers a safe option.

family cycling with bike trailer

Roll Bar

A roll bar is a safety feature that ensures the sides of your trailer do not collapse inwards in the unfortunate event that you get into an accident where your trailer rolls over.

This keeps your child safe from injuries during accidents.

Bright Flags

Some trailers come with a bright flag to increase your visibility on the road.

If your trailer does not come with a flag, you can buy it separately.

Trailers are low to the ground so some motorists may not see them.

Increasing your visibility on the road helps to avoid accidents.

Reflective Material

Some trailers are made from a reflective material.

They are, therefore, easy for other road users to see from a distance.

Ball and Socket Joint-Rollover Hitch

If you get into an accident that causes your bike to roll over, the ball and joint socket enable the trailer to stay upright.

It gives you the chance to keep your child safe even during accidents.

The rollover hitch is useful to both new and experienced drivers.

Accidents can be unavoidable.

5-Point Harness

5-point harness straps your child into the trailer.

It is especially helpful if you want to have two kids in the trailer.

It restrains your kids and improves their safety.

Wide Wheel Base

A wide wheel base prevents rollover accidents.

When buying a bike trailer, always look for one with a wide wheel base.

Trailers without this feature are generally safe as well.

The chances of rolling over are very low.

Tips for Improved Safety

Like any parent, you’re probably a bit concerned about how safe your child will be on your rides.

That’s understandable, and that’s why we have a few more tips for you on making those rides extra safe for the little ones in the trailer.

Protective Wear

One of the most important things to consider while thinking about the safety of your children is to dress them well.

Ensure that they strap on their safety belts and wear protective helmets.

Parents should also wear a helmet to encourage the kids and for their safety.

Parent’s Weight

Your weight as a rider matters.

Heavy riders are in a better position to control their balance than lighter ones.

The child and the seat make up a big percentage of the overall weight if the cyclist is short and light.

The child is so high in the air that the balance is reduced.

Height on the Road

Trailers are generally safe. They do not trip easily.

Using a trailer on the road increases your chances of getting into an accident.

Other road users may not see you because trailers are low.

To be safe, avoid roads. Use your trailer on bike tracks or sidewalks.

Benefits of Using Bike Trailers

Not convinced that one of these is a good choice for your family?

Let us see if we can change that with a few pros you can expect.

It is a Chance to Get Fit

Most parents rarely get the time to work out.

Using a trailer for kids is a great way to exercise while keeping your child close to you.

Using your bike trailer, you can cycle with your kids to new places.

Set schedules for your bike journey and enjoy the benefits of endurance raining.

It Helps to Get the Kids Out

There are not many ways to let your kids go out for some fresh air.

You can plan little adventures where kids get to see, feel, or experience different things.

If you make it a routine, your kids may develop an interest in going on adventures.

Quality Time With Kids

You and your kids can bond while biking.

If you are a busy parent, you may not get plenty of opportunities to spend time with your child.