How Fast Can A Road Bike Go? and How Do I Increase My Cycling Speed?

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In the sport of cycling, there is always a drive to increase speed, as speed and distance steer the motivation for cyclists. Before a cyclist can learn to increase their speed, they must have an understanding of road bikes and what their average performance includes. How fast can a road bike go? When purchasing road … Read more

Road Bike Knee Pain – What You Need to Know

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Road bike knee pain is a very common lower body problem that cyclists can experience. According to one study, almost 65% of cyclists can experience it. One of the common causes for it overdoing it while riding. When training, you can ride harder and longer than your body is used to, which can strain the … Read more

Finding A Good Road Bike Helmet (2022)

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If you are getting ready to do a bit of road cycling, then you’ll want to be sure to get yourself a good fitting helmet before you head out for your ride. Not only are helmets required by law in most places, they seem to be the best way to keep your noggin safe in the … Read more

Bicycle Showdown: Folding Bikes vs Normal Road Bikes

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So, you’re in the market for a new bicycle that you plan to use for commuting as well as some fun weekend and evening rides. Right now, you might be at a crossroads – do you go with just your normal road bike or do you do what’s trendy right now and get yourself a … Read more